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This is how chickens should be regulated in my opinion.

Sutherland Shire Council (Sydney, NSW, Australia) has the following on their website –



Keeping Chickens

The keeping of a small number of chickens on private residential property is allowed.

While there are no specific restrictions on the number of chickens allowed, you need to be aware of the following:

  • The chickens must not be a nuisance to neighbours. Please consider the effects on your neighbours in regards to noise, hygiene and roaming.
  • Roosters are likely to cause a noise problem for your neighbours. Council will direct them to be removed if this occurs.
  • Like any structure, chicken coops are subject to development controls and may require development approval. The State Environmental Planning Policy 2008 Subdivision 21 specifies the requirements for building a coop without approval.


Reading between the lines, if you want to keep chickens go right ahead – if it annoys the neighbours we can work through these issues and you can’t build a coop that overshadows the neighbour’s house.

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