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Electric Poultry Netting – 50m Green Double Prong Posts



Our electric netting is made in Germany by one of the leading netting manufacturers in the world. It is designed with a specific animal or predator in mind. Therefore purchasing the cheapest mesh may not provide an acceptable outcome as the gaps between the wires may be too narrow or too broad for your purpose. Here we stock mesh designed to protect poultry, pigs, goats, sheep and rabbits. Feel free to call us if you require technical advice.


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If you need to protect your chickens or other animals from foxes or the neighbour’s dog then our Electric Poultry Netting has been designed with you in mind. Standing at a massive 120cm taller (higher than the opposition) our nets are designed to take on the predators and beat them at their game!

We manufacture our rolls to the industry standard 50m length and multiple lengths can be joined together to make larger enclosures. Knots in the netting are made from welded plastic and the width of the holes in the netting is smaller at the bottom to keep animals in.


Double Prong

The purpose behind double prong posts is to allow you to push the posts into the ground using your boots rather than your hands. This is much easier I’m sure you will agree!



Our electric poultry nets are green which gives the fence a low visual impact by blending into the local environment.


What is included in the box?

The green electric poultry nets have 12 horizontal strands of which 11 are electrified. The top strand is 80% stronger than the rest of the strands to ensure your netting maintains its integrity. Either or both ends of the fence can be connected to the energiser and to the net can be run either in a straight length or looped back to form an enclosed area. Fence lengths can easily be connected to form longer runs. Each 50m fence incorporates 14 plastic posts with steel dual-prong feet. The net comes with ground skewers to keep the fence tighter to the ground in undulating areas, plastic corner pegs. The poultry net mesh spacing – 2*20cm, 2 *15cm, 3*10cm, 4*5cm. Vertical mesh spacing is 7.5cm.


How does this electric fence function?

The net is manufactured from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom baseline). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the net an Energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. The energiser is a separate item and does not form part of this listing. If you do not already have an energiser then please consider purchasing one of our Electric Poultry Netting Kits.

When an animal comes into contact with the net and ground it completes an electric circuit and gets a shock. Note that the net itself does not need to be erected in a loop and can be erected in a straight line if required. The Energiser produces a high voltage pulse approximately once every second. Foxes, like most animals, investigate unfamiliar additions to their environment and it is at this point that the shock is delivered. Although the net is not of insurmountable height, once the animal has been shocked the net will be a sufficient enough psychological barrier and the animal will be highly unlikely to attempt to breach it.

Immediate Freight from our warehouse to you – we cannot deliver to a PO Box as the item is too large. So please ensure that you provide a physical street address to get the item to you ASAP.

Free freight to North Island only.

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