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Electric Poultry Netting – 50m – Green Double Prong Posts



In order to serve our customers better we have three different models of electric netting. Please note that all three models use exactly the same netting material.

The difference is entirely in the height and thickness of the posts. The three different options we stock are –

  • Standard – 110 cm tall posts, 13mm post thickness, 7mm thick double prong.
  • Tall – 120 cm tall posts, 15mm post thickness, 7mm double prong.
  • Heavy – 120cm tall posts, 19mm post thickness, 8mm double prong


Electric netting made with heavy duty posts (19mm thick) are not available from any other seller in Australia, as we get it made to our custom requirements. If in doubt, ask for the measurements of the posts in writing before you purchase.

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If you need to protect your chickens or other poultry from foxes or the neighbor’s dog then our Electric Poultry Netting has been designed with you in mind. Standing at a massive 120cm taller (higher than the opposition) our nets are designed to take on the predators and beat them at their game!

We manufacture our rolls to the industry standard 50m length and multiple lengths can be joined together to make larger enclosures. Knots in the netting are made from welded plastic and the width of the holes in the netting is smaller at the bottom to keep smaller birds in.

The 14 posts are double-pronged with tread-ins made from steel – and have been already inserted into the net in the factory, so all you need to do is open the box and unroll. No fiddly assembly required! Can easily be joined together to form longer lengths by simply attaching the clips at either end of the net to the next net.

Immediate Freight from our warehouse to you – we cannot deliver to a PO Box as the item is too large. So please ensure that you provide a physical street address to get the item to you ASAP.

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