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Did you know that McCallum Made Chicken Tractors can be found as far east as Samoa (thanks to Organic Matters)?

Well it is true and it’s all because of the hard work and dedication of Mike Smith and his team at Organic Matters Foundation. Who are they? Well quoting from their website –


Organic Matters Foundation partners with South Pacific groups and individuals to develop programs that directly address their local needs and challenges. Together we create culturally appropriate learning experiences that transfer sustainable farming, project management and business skills to those most in need. We particularly encourage the involvement of younger students so the next generation continues on the path to sustainable production.

This wholistic governance and ongoing education approach ensures the benefits are reaped long-term and by the entire community, which in turn builds a more positive outlook and confidence for the future.


Back in 2011, they purchased several chicken tractors from us and they were shipped to Samoa.

However, last month Cyclone Evan tore through Samoa causing tremendous damage to the lives of the people and to the farming programs run by Organic Matters. As I type, Mike and the team are busy cleaning up farms and trying to replant crops, and probably trying to find one or two missing chickens.

Now, I don’t normally expect anyone to do anything just because I think it is a good idea, but if you have a few dollars to space consider donating it to Organic Matters. If you are a Facebook user click here, and if you don’t use Facebook then click directly through to Organic Matters website.

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