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Raise Chickens for Eggs Ethically

How to Raise Chickens for Eggs Ethically

Many backyard poultry keepers want to know how to raise chickens for eggs ethically. There is a growing awareness in America of the disturbing practices on large factory farms. Indeed, …

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Make your own organic Feed

Make Your Own Organic Chicken Feed

Most chicken keepers want to feed their hens non GMO, organic chicken feed. After all, you’ll be eating their eggs and possibly their meat. Commercial organic chicken feed is a …

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Poultry Raising Tips for Raising Chickens

Poultry Raising: 9 Tips for Raising Chickens

Even if you’re soft at heart, name your flock, refer to them as “the girls” and just can’t bring yourself to raise chickens for meat, they are very useful as livestock. …

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Raising Heritage Chicken Breeds

Raising Heritage Chicken Breeds

The Livestock Conservancy lays out strict requirements for heritage chicken breeds. To be called “heritage” a chicken must be have parents and grandparents of a breed recognized by the American …

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Broody Hen

So, You’ve Got a Broody Hen

A broody hen is one that wants to raise chicks. At some point in your chicken raising career you’ll encounter one of these tenacious birds. A broody hen is determined …

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Chicken Breeds for Egg Production

Top Chicken Breeds for Egg Production

Do you want to raise chickens for their eggs? We can help you choose the right breed. All hens lay edible eggs, but some simply excel at egg production. While …

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Why is the Rooster Crowing?

Why is the Rooster Crowing?

The rooster crowing is the quintessential sound of dawn. Long before alarm clocks it was the rooster that called farmers from their beds in the pre-dawn darkness. Today it is …

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Silkie Chicken

Why Everyone Needs a Silkie Chicken

The silkie chicken is a unique and highly desirable addition to any flock. She gets her name from her soft, poofy plumage which is said to feel just like silk. …

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